Workshop painting and Iconography

ergastirio1Based on school Paleologos, and p’ this Komnenian always diatirontas both character of Byzantine Iconography, functional and visual. God's grace we take exoloklirou painted churches, Catholic monasteries and pilgrimage image, keeping with the personnel distinguish our style and not a sterile copy.


Workshop painting and Iconography

The painting of mural compositions is on hand prepared canvas in studio, then they are embedded in the church wall. Occasionally the painting is directly ” on the spot,” the temple wall, if it is prepared properly.

the Colors used are hagiography dusts with plastic, acrylic raw material. All painted surfaces, vernikonontai with ecological acrylic lacquer water, matte or satin, thus maintaining the tonality of colors, over time and protects the paint from soot and smoke dust, by cleaning the surface painting easier at a given time(after years). In special cases and parts singularly painting surface can be nopografia ” fresh ” (ancient art ).

The icons are made on flat surfaces or skafotes, with gold foil 22 carat, simple technique or glazed. The dye used is tempera decl. Egg yolk ananemigmenes with hagiography powder. Final layer of the image with lacquer soluble matte or polished.

Before the award of istoriseos murals, proposed agiokatataxi defining the Orthodox Eikonofrafia, wherein reflected upon study model of composition, where together with the financial costs, given the temple.