Wall paintings

The Angel and Alexander Alibertis children wade in the folk art of shadow theater which was a reason for their subsequent professional occupation with Iconography.

« The art of pictures to the Orthodox Church called Iconography , as a painter holy persons and holy matters. The receiver Hagiographer is not merely an artisan wherein doeth a anaparastatikin Zografou up in some subjects religious , but spiritual and spiritual ministry office, which performs in the church, as the priest and the preacher “ The orthodox image-Agiography, is an art, yet cult object, containing faith, technical knowledge and it is one of the finest artistic performances , has mold and freedom, something discerned in their works, the icons and churches frescoes art lovers in the studio Laconia 20 in Ambelokipi.

Mural churches compositions manually Angelo & Alexander Aliberti

Images dedicated to persons of the Greek Revolution 1821 by hand of Angelos & Alexander Aliberti

Exhibition Works