Curriculum vitae: Αggelos Alibertis

cv-aggelouBorn in 1974 in Athens. Since very little came into contact with painting, namely the folk art of shadow theater, thanks to his father Puppeteer George Aliberti. Angelos Alibertis at the age of ten years, behind the cloth of 'curtain' 'as his father's assistant. In many representations has the honor to attend the great puppeteer and painter of shadow theater Mimi Molla when he collaborated with his father on many tours (representations) but in figure painting.

In these early years and subsequent painting “commercials”, Professional and baby figures, props for George Aliberti Shadow Theater, parallel first stage assistant in performances throughout Greece.

At the age 14 years he met Father Christodoulos Fergadiotis hagiographer and vicar of the Church of the Holy Trinity Ampelokipon, student painter Konstantinos Georgakopoulos. There he learns the art of hagiography padimate, portable icon and fresco.

The year 1994 graduates from 4the T.E.L in the area '' archaeological finds Maintenance, illustration and painting. While doing remedial classes in freehand drawing.

The 1995 He gets the first prize in the contest Hellenic Association of Shadow Theater for the best model on: “the 70 years of Shadow Theater Panhellenic Association”.

During the period of military service 1995-96 dedicated to painting military churches in the religious service of 8 Infantry Division in Ioannina, Saint George the martyr- Str / structure Loretzou Mavilis, Agios Eleftherios- Str / structure Georgopoulou, Life Giving Fountain- Gorgomylou Preveza etc..



As a member of Panhellenic Association Hagiographers and future Fine Arts Chamber of Greece professionally engaged in painting churches and portable icons, sets of murals of the same:

From 2005- 2009 he worked at Institute of Mental Health (E.P.I.PS.Y) the program of the special unit psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration by undertaking the task of educating patients in hagiography and shadow theater.
From November 2016 bribed Artistic Director National Shadow Theater Stage.

Reports participated:

  • P.A.S.Y.A the group exhibition at art multi Gazi
  • P.A.S.Y.A the group exhibition at Hong Kong
  • Exhibition- contest IM Fthiotida on the orthodox depiction of M. Kingdom where he won the 1st prize
  • Participation in the documentary ''Agiografontas'' Raised in Thessaloniki documentary festival which analyzes the relationship of hagiography with shadow theater.
  • Exhibition of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece –  Month of Visual Arts applications Part A: Scenography - Costume Design - Theater Masks - Jewelry, which took place at the Cultural Center "Melina" of the Municipality of Athens.

Alongside the Angel Alibertis future Karagkiozopaichton Hellenic Association and in the capacity of the puppeteer acquired after examinations, collaborates with the Municipalities, communities and schools across Greece and the Folk Art Museum Plaka. In October 2011 in M.L.T presented his project entitled “The No. 40”.

Own projects presents special and anniversary events are:

  • The No. of 40- Record
  • The Old City and the Basilica (the early years and the end of the legendary kleftarmatolon)- Record.
  • Nick Rados invisible captain, adaptation of the popular novel in shadow theater
  • The captain ghost adaptation of the popular novel in shadow theater

In parallel with his brother show performances Th. Shadows across Greece (to schools, municipalities, events) continuing the family tradition in the steps of their father. Also sculpt figures Karagiozis, commercials and scenes for Gd. Shadow Aliberti and for professionals and individuals.

Laboratory of space located in Laconia street 20 in Ambelokipi.