Orthodox Iconography and hagiography

ochristosThe padimate art of Iconography of Eastern Orthodox Church, It is a sacred art and functional, like All of the ecclesiastical technai, where they have a spiritual purpose.

Orthodox Iconography and hagiography
Ai SAINT these technai not only want to decorate the temple with zografikin by being gracious and pleasant areas of church services, or to the delight of the akoin mousikin, but to raise them to the mystical world of faith in the spiritual scale, which has step by, ie skalounia, Taq sacral Art, the hymnal, the chanting,, the oikodomikin, the agiografian and Taq Other technical, where synergize, all together, in an education means in souls of the secret Paradise faithful, the smell of spiritual evodian.Dia this, the works of religious art of the Eastern Church are legends in the divine word.

OR art pictures to the Orthodox Church called Iconography, as painters holy individuals and St. ypotheseis.O receiver Hagiographer is not merely an artisan wherein doeth a anaparastatikin Zografou up in some subjects religious, but spiritual and spiritual ministry office, which performs in the church, as the priest and the preacher

OR functional Figure has theological meaning. Is not, as eipamen, a zofrafia which is by pleasing to our eyes, or even in order to resemble our only holy persons, as is the image by which we have to fernomen in our memory of our loved relatives and friends, but in such a way Painted, to our heights by corruptible world;, and that we might make us osfranthomen him Cain air of God's Kingdom. Wherefore has kammian similarity Taq painter which represent a material so some persons, even saints, as is done in the West thriskeftikin technin. In the functional image holy persons depicted in imperishability.

By this cause, functional art does not change any of both along with other human things, but is unmoved, such as the Church of Christ, expressing. The sacred tradition is the fiery pillar wherein the drive means into the wilderness unstable world. This strange people in this world,, which is able to produce in to penetrate into the vython Intellectual Inox Mounts, but of swimming at the surface of sensory, drift by the currents and Taq water'd give. Functional art nourishes the faithful with spiritual visions and sounds, dialyzed incoming through sensory gates, exhilarate his soul with heavenly wine, and doroumeni him the peace of intellectual.

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